Mental Empowerment for the Current and Next Generation of Women Leaders

"I speak my truth so that women know that the struggle is real, but so is their ability to overcome."

Live Like HER® was founded in honor of the woman I used to be. She was successful on the outside but struggling mentally and emotionally on the inside. She needed help, health, and healing, but was ashamed to admit she was hurting. 

As a Mental Empowerment Speaker and Mental Fitness Coach, I create safe and supportive environments for other powerful women to embrace their truth and optimize their mental health as they lead and succeed in life, career, and relationships.




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Words of Praise

Thank you Alicia for helping me to take a closer look at the stressors and the effects that they can have on our Mind, Body and Soul. The tools given will definitely be a part of my daily journey to becoming the “Best Me” that I can be for myself, my family and those I meet. Thank you!

Juwarn M

Childcare Director

I really enjoyed my session!! I felt like Alicia truly clarified my issues in a way that I hadn't even thought of. Alicia was easy to talk to and showed me how to personally figure out the importance of de-stressing in my life and how to let go of the anxiety by recharging. I felt relieved and like I had a plan for being less stressed and being happier. Alicia's coaching is so great and spot on for understanding professional women and what we deal with on a regular basis! She's so professional and is excellent at what she does, so worth the session!!

Leah C


I was impressed with Ms. Caldwell’s methodical approach, careful preparation and poise in front of her audience. Ms. Caldwell made a profound impact on her audience. She captured their attention immediately. I would enthusiastically recommend Ms. Caldwell for any and all public speaking events and opportunities.

Lillie W


Alicia Caldwell provided a presentation to our students that provided them options in empowering themselves not only in their college life but in life after college. Both her presentation and content spoke encouraging words to the students. It engaged the students to think about their own power within and how they could pull themselves out of any self-doubt. I would recommend Alicia Caldwell to anyone who would like to receive empowering words on how to tap into your own resilience in life’s journey.

Kyra G.

College of St. Mary

We chose Alicia Caldwell as a speaker, because she has a unique background as an experienced counselor and VERY familiar with the ‘achiever mindset’. Her wisdom navigating the borderline between mental health and mental fitness is critical to the modern woman who seeks to get past survive and into THRIVE.

April Henry

The Voice Makeover Coach

Alicia is by far the best counselor I have ever had the pleasure of talking to and working with. Personally, Alicia is such a pleasure to talk to and a wonderful listener, she makes the conversation so easy and makes you feel comfortable sharing whatever is on your mind. I would recommend Alicia to anyone!" 

MSgt Marlene Locks, USSF


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