7 Lessons I Learned From Myself

In March of 2020, I recorded a podcast episode titled “Challenged, But Still Chosen.”

This episode detailed the struggles I was facing, while figuring out who I wanted to be in the podcasting world. It also addressed the challenges of taking on a new role, and feeling overwhelmed by it. I went back and listened to this episode for encouragement yesterday. That encouragement ended up being more than I expected and exactly what I needed.

Coming off of an election week, I noticed that my stress levels have been elevated. Instead of phoning a friend, I decided to try listening to my own advice, and to my surprise, it worked. The words that I intended to inspire other women, inspired me.

As I listened to my own voice of reason, I took notes and reflected on what I was teaching. Here are 7-lessons from me to you.

Lesson 1: Focus on what you have.

It’s very easy to look at our life from a perspective of lack. It’s even easier to get stuck there and allow the quicksand of negativity to suck us in. By focusing on our strengths and what we have, a sense of empowerment is revealed that opens the doorway to possibilities. Those possibilities are a breeding ground for confidence and progress.

Lesson 2: Have a target and a plan.

Life success is no accident. In fact, success is very strategic. It requires us to show up in the fullness of who we are; know the specific direction we’re going; gather resources and support; create a strategy; and step out on faith as we execute.

Knowing what we want is not enough. We need a roadmap to get there and a vehicle to transport us.

Lesson 3: Commitment is key.

You won’t always feel motivated to show up and work on your dreams. You won’t always have the energy. That feeling of excitement and passionate desire, will come and go.

Successful people don’t always feel motivated. But, what they have is a commitment. 

Commitment means showing up when you’re tired, uncertain, lack resources, don’t know all the steps, and when things are at a standstill. It means facing the challenges of the world head on, and growing through the frustrations that you face. When all else fails…commit to keep going.

Lesson 4: Feelings have purpose.

The last few weeks have ushered in quite a few feelings. It was refreshing to hear my own reminder, that all feelings need acknowledgment. Our emotions are not the enemy, but how we behave because of them can be. What we say because of them can be. How we cope with them…can be.

Our emotions are signals. They alert us about the state of our wellbeing. 

This week, my emotions have been leading me away from social media, into more exercise and toward more refined business decisions. They have been leaving clues that I need more rest and restoration. They have helped me to gauge when to lean in and when to back off.

Pay attention, your feelings are trying to tell you something.

Lesson 5: Encourage yourself.

There will be times when friends, family, your therapist or mental fitness coach are not available. During those times, who will you look to? The answer is YOU.

The conversations that you have with yourself, are the most important conversations you will have all day. Make sure those conversations are full of inspiration and motivation.

Basically, speak to yourself like you would a best friend in need of encouragement.

Lesson 6: Pray.

Allocate time and make space for prayer. Use that time to connect with yourself and the God you serve. 

I believe that prayer has purpose, and that purpose is to keep my mind and body more peaceful. It’s to keep me moving forward when I want to turn back. It’s to steady my feet on this journey of purpose.

The bonus is, women who pray have lower levels of stress, which means my relaxation response is triggered by my prayer. 

Lesson 7: Affirm who you are.

Self-affirmations are exercise for the mind. They are short and clear goals or statements that I write and verbally repeat daily. The purpose is to align my mind and energy with my strengths, abilities and authentic nature.

Affirmations help to move me forward with confidence and security. They give me extra fuel to overcome barriers of uncertainty and to see myself with a renewed brilliance. 

My affirmations are particularly helpful during public speaking engagements. They keep me focused on who I am, and what I can do.

These are the “7 Lessons I Learned From Myself.”

I would have never guessed that my own podcast message from 8-months ago, would be meant to inspire me today. And I hope it inspires you.

When you have a moment, go to the podcast here on the website, or search for the Me Myself and HER Podcast on your favorite podcast platform. Listen to episode 3. At the end, I review my personal affirmations that worked for me in March. I hope they help you to get started on your own, today. 

Until next week, stay inspired and stay encouraged…BY YOU.

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