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Flying solo and navigating the turbulence of life on autopilot, is a long and burdensome flight. ~Alicia Caldwell~

I believe that a life of abundance in mind, body, and spirit is not a hands-free journey. It requires that my hands are on the wheel and that my mind is aligned with the mission. That mission for me, was and is, mental strength and endurance. This lifestyle is not passive, it requires action and purposeful pursuit of the life I choose to lead.  

The world is in need of Women Leaders who are intentional about preparing and positioning their minds to rise and defeat the challenges she will face. Are you HER? 

Your power and purpose are clear, but so is the struggle.

That’s why you are here, in a divine position to press start on the button of your mental and emotional fitness. But first, let me introduce myself… 

Hello Powerful Woman!

I’m Alicia Caldwell, the woman behind Live Like HER.

I’m a licensed professional counselor turned Mental Fitness Coach, on a mission to change the world one mentally empowered woman at a time. I specialize in helping Women Leaders to become champions of their mental and emotional health, through my services as a Mental Fitness Coach.

As a fellow powerful woman and leader, I too have struggled to find balance in my desire to achieve AND be a good steward of my mental and emotional health. There was a time that my accomplishments outshined my confidence. A time when my peace was low and my anxiety was high. I was successful on the outside and miserable on the inside.

I was trying to be all things to all people, until the Superwoman inside of me called it quits.

She bailed on me ya’ll. Do you know why? Because she never existed in the first place. I made her up to justify self-neglect in the name of career success. I lived in a make believe world of invincibility, until one day a health challenge showed up as my kryptonite. I was losing the battle against my stress and my health was the casualty.

Does my story sound familiar?

You look like you have it all together, when in reality, you are silently suffering with mental and emotional strain. You mask your mental challenges behind your achievements, well-styled hair, carefully applied make-up, thoughtfully coordinated outfits, and a busy schedule. You are the first person that people call for help, but the last one to reach out for assistance. You show up in the spaces you occupy looking the part, while trying not to fall apart. You are leading externally, but losing internally.

I raise my hand in solidarity with you, because that was me.

Ladies listen! Are you ready to remove your Superwoman mask and embrace the beauty of your humanness? Your human frailties are not flaws, they are divine red flags to alert you to the danger of over-doing and under-renewing.

As your Mental Fitness Coach, I collaborate with you to identify, implement, and sustain mental fitness practices that will have a ripple effect on how you lead and succeed in life, career, and relationships.

Are you ready to LEAD WITH YOUR MENTAL FITNESS and create habits that empower you to lead and live your best life?

A Few More Interesting Facts About Alicia Caldwell

Enough about me! It's time I get to know you.

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