Alicia Caldwell

"I do this work because I was the work."

Alicia Caldwell is an Empowerment Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Mental Fitness Coach. Through her personal and professional life experiences, Alicia has developed a desire to cultivate, qualify, and empower women. She aspires for every woman to lead a successful life, in fullness, without sacrificing mental health. Alicia’s emphasis on psychological well-being is derived from operating as a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 18 years.

Alicia's Story

As a child, Alicia struggled with anxiety, confidence, and self-esteem, resulting from challenges in her home environment. She did not feel worthy of love, due to internalized emotions stemming from her father’s absence and her mother’s personal and parental difficulties. Despite Alicia’s mother providing her best effort, her battles with depression, alcoholism, and an abusive relationship, planted deep seeded trauma.  

Instead of falling victim to her circumstances, Alicia made the decision to transform her pain into purpose, using her love for communication. The story of Alicia’s life experiences, and years of clinical expertise, has served as the framework for her self-care conferences, coaching programs, and keynote presentations. Her audience has ranged from secondary school students to adult women, including active duty service members. Alicia provides tangible strategies to help them lead fulfilling lives by improving their mind, body, and spirit.

Today, Alicia Caldwell is living the life that she desired and envisioned as a child, with her amazing husband and two beautiful daughters! She is also the host of the “Me Myself and HER Podcast,” an inspirational writer for the “Live Like HER Blog,” and private practice owner.



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