5 Ways to Stay Calm in 2024

Life these days feels like a high-speed train barreling toward destinations that we did not sign up to visit. But, my dear friend, fear not – you’re not alone on this ride. As we navigate this whirlwind journey, it’s no secret that we might find ourselves unexpectedly stopping at stations like Grief Street, Angry Valley,

A Message From a Daddyless Daughter

Many years ago, I stumbled upon the term “daddyless daughter” to describe women like me. A term used to describe a woman who has experienced her father’s absence or lack of presence in her life, particularly during crucial developmental stages. This term encompasses the emotional and psychological impact of growing up without a father figure’s

Self-Care for Mission-Driven Women

Navigating self-care amid a busy and ambitious lifestyle can be challenging and requires a more strategic and thoughtful approach. Acknowledging the need for a practical and effective roadmap, I present a method to seamlessly integrate self-care into your daily routine, making it an integral part of your life rather than an additional task.

Self-Care is Life-Care

Self-care, at its core, is more than a routine; it’s a profound act that extends beyond personal boundaries, creating ripples of benefits throughout our lives and influencing those around us. It’s not just about individual well-being; it’s life care. The impact of self-care on powerful women’s lives is far-reaching, determining how we show up in

Avoid the Envy Trap

Our constant exposure to curated images and success stories on social media can breed envy in a world dominated by technology and information. As we scroll through seemingly flawless pictures and watch online videos showcasing others’ seemingly perfect lives, it’s natural for envy to seep in. But what can we do about it?

Embrace the Power of R E S T

In times of repetitive inhumanity and distressing global events, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in safeguarding our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being from the negative influences that surround us. Although completely avoiding negativity is impractical, especially in our technology-driven world, I’ve found solace in a powerful alternative—REST.

False Starts and Focused Finishes

The desire to accomplish numerous tasks often leads to “false starts” – the enthusiastic beginning of a task that dwindles into unfinished business. If you find yourself resonating with this struggle, fear not; change is possible with a shift in strategy.

Booked, Busy, and Stressed

The woman I’m addressing in this post is extraordinary. Most have triumphed over their life and career goals, and their calendars overflow with abundant opportunities. However, even blessings, when not managed carefully, can lead to overwhelming stress. Today, let’s candidly discuss the reality of being booked, busy, and stressed.

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