Booked, Busy, and Stressed

The woman I’m addressing in this post is extraordinary. Most have triumphed over their life and career goals, and their calendars overflow with abundant opportunities. However, even blessings, when not managed carefully, can lead to overwhelming stress. Today, let’s candidly discuss the reality of being booked, busy, and stressed.

Protecting our mental health demands that we act as gatekeepers, controlling what comes in and what energy we put out. Allowing anything and everything to come and go freely through the gate risks disharmony and overextension of our mental and physical resources. It’s time to step back and assess what’s on your plate. Take a look at your schedule. Is your schedule being managed effectively, or is it managing you?

Stress is not only triggered by negative experiences; positive life events can also elevate stress levels. The effects of positive stress often receive little attention. We may neglect to realize that stress is still being activated, regardless of whether the trigger is positive or negative. Your body and mind don’t distinguish; the physiological stress response is activated, no matter the trigger.


  • Death of a loved one
  • Long work hours
  • Physical illness
  • Job loss
  • Divorce


  • Pregnancy/birth of a child
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Planning a wedding
  • Starting a business
  • Job promotion

The adverse effects of positive stress get little talk time. We see a booming business or career as positive and may neglect to realize that the stress response is still being activated. You may not realize that your body and mind don’t care where the stress comes from. The physiological stress response is designed to help you tackle the threats and demands of your life, and the effects are a reality, no matter the trigger.

Even though positive changes are often welcomed, an increase in stress as you transition is expected. So, being booked and busy is not a bad thing. But being booked, busy, and unaware of your need for occasions of rest and restoration is taxing on your mind and body. The more life stressors you have at any given time, the higher the body’s stress response. The higher the body’s stress response, the greater the need for coping strategies that relieve and release stress.

Before you get back to the demands of your life, consider these tips to create more harmony in your booked and busy schedule:

TIP 1 | Use your planner. A planner can help you to organize your mind and life. Write down your daily work and personal obligations. Visualizing your day, week, or month can help you assess how your stress may ebb and flow. That way, you can proactively plan relaxation strategies to counteract the effects of stress.

TIP 2 | Know thy self. Self-awareness is critical when it comes to stress management. When you’re out in this world being your brilliant and beautiful self, don’t forget to allow time for what’s happening inside. Give your mind, body, and behaviors daily stress checks. How are you feeling? What are you thinking? How are you behaving? Self-checks can be simple and effective.

TIP 3 | Use Your Coping Strategies: Identify what works for you and incorporate stress-relief activities into your daily routine. It doesn’t require additional time; it’s about being creative and intentional. Here are a few strategies to incorporate self-care into your busy and booked agenda.

  • ·         Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • ·         Add nutritious choices to at least one meal each day.
  • ·         Walk while participating in an over-the-phone business meeting.
  • ·         Play relaxing music while taking a shower or bath.
  • ·         Listen to a fun or inspirational audiobook on your commute to and from work.

Lastly, don’t wait to make stress relief a part of your booked and busy lifestyle. Put yourself and your health on the schedule in small ways each day, and don’t cancel.

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Until next time…LIVE authentically, LOVE deeply, and LEAD unapologetically.

Sisterly love, Alicia.

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