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A Message From a Daddyless Daughter

Many years ago, I stumbled upon the term “daddyless daughter” to describe women like me. A term used to describe a woman who has experienced her father’s absence or lack of presence in her life, particularly during crucial developmental stages. This term encompasses the emotional and psychological impact of growing up without a father figure’s

Avoid the Envy Trap

Our constant exposure to curated images and success stories on social media can breed envy in a world dominated by technology and information. As we scroll through seemingly flawless pictures and watch online videos showcasing others’ seemingly perfect lives, it’s natural for envy to seep in. But what can we do about it?

False Starts and Focused Finishes

The desire to accomplish numerous tasks often leads to “false starts” – the enthusiastic beginning of a task that dwindles into unfinished business. If you find yourself resonating with this struggle, fear not; change is possible with a shift in strategy.

3 Signs of Low Self-Esteem

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, I want to acknowledge the outstanding women leaders I have the opportunity to serve and support as they change work environments and the world through the hard work and decisions they make daily. Many of my readers already know that I work with military populations and have the

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