Get Out Of Your Own Way

Have you ever found yourself standing in the way of your own goals and dreams? It’s a common struggle many of us face. Instead of addressing our own procrastination, fears, or excuses, we can find ourselves blaming external factors and circumstances. If you’ve been there, you’re not alone.

I recently found myself in that exact place. Overwhelmed by life, frustrated with people, and seeking an emotional outlet, I turned to complaining—a drawn-out, stress-induced whining session that only added to the negativity.

My husband, an unwitting audience to my dissatisfaction, listened patiently as I expressed my feelings. These emotions led me down a rabbit hole of excuses for why I wasn’t making progress in my business and personal goals. At the time, these reasons seemed valid:

  • If I had more help with household chores, I would have more time.
  • If I had more time to rest, my creativity would flourish.
  • If I had a better microphone, editing my podcast wouldn’t be so stressful.
  • If my office were organized and aesthetically pleasing, my productivity would improve.
  • If I weren’t so busy at work, I would have more time to accomplish my goals.

However, my husband interjected with a powerful statement that shook me to my core: “You are using me, other people, and things as an excuse for YOUR DECISION to neglect YOUR DREAMS.”

This truth hit me hard. I was blaming external factors for neglecting my dreams, creating excuses to avoid facing the reality that I am the gatekeeper of my dreams. I determine whether they stall or succeed. I decide if they thrive or wither away.

My husband’s words served as a wake-up call. I silenced my complaints, crawled out of that rabbit hole, and started taking action instead of making excuses.

When you find yourself standing in your own way, do you complain or change? I chose to change, focusing on four key areas:

  1. Shift Blame to Personal Change: Focus on what you can do instead of what others aren’t doing. Change your own approach, thinking, and behavior, shifting from blame to the pursuit of personal growth.

  2. Embrace Progress Over Perfection: Each day, make progress toward your goals. Celebrate small wins instead of fixating on the larger picture. Focus on being better, one step at a time.

  3. Honor Rest and Renewal: When tired or overwhelmed, recognize the need for rest. Taking a break isn’t laziness; it’s a sign of wisdom and maturity. Understand and respond to your mental, emotional, and physical red flags.

  4. Reject Comparison: Stop comparing yourself to others. Embrace your unique mission and celebrate your individuality. Release the burden of imitation and allow your true self to shine.

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