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For over a decade, Alicia has used her dynamic approach to speaking about mental health to inspire civilian and military groups to be proactive about managing stress, boosting self-care, and building their mental endurance, resulting in better work performance, higher morale, and improved relationships.

Alicia has a knack for breaking down mental health topics into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand and apply. That expertise comes from years of professional work and personal application of the strategies she shares to empower the current and next generation of women leaders.

Through her speaking, Alicia helps professionals increase their impact at work, home, and in relationships teaching them solution-focused strategies that optimize their mental well-being.

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Frequently Asked Speaker Questions

How will you enhance engagement with the audience?
  • Depending on the event size, format, and organizer’s request, speaker experiences can be one-way lecture style or interactive. 
  • For virtual events, the camera will be on for maximized engagement with the audience.
  • When appropriate or requested, planned interactions may include an icebreaker, group discussion, audience poll, handouts,  interactive activities, chat or live Q&A, and in the moment opportunities to practice skills are provided.
  • Relevant slides for visual impact.
  • Reading the room is my specialty. If I notice that audience attention is dipping, I have alternative means to recapture their interest. This often includes a pause for clarification, an impactful story, an experiential activity, or break if appropriate.
What is your speaking background?
  • 2007-My love of speaking was sparked by teaching at a community college for three years.
  • 2010-I then continued to speak for over a decade while working with military populations, where I presented hundreds of presentations on a variety of mental and relational health topics.
  • 2020-I’ve spent the last two years speaking on topics that address the mental, physical, spiritual, and relational health of women.
How long will you speak?

The answer to this question depends on the event and the needs of the organizer. 

My standard protocol is to meet with the organizer to determine the allotted time to speak, topic of choice, method of delivery, and desired outcomes. By doing this, an ideal timeframe for speaking can be determined.

How do I book you to speak?

To book me to speak, please click the “Book Alicia to Speak” button above or click the “Contact” tab on the menu. Fill out the speaking form and you’ll be contacted to discuss a speaking partnership. You can also email directly at info@livelikeher.com with your request or additional questions.

How do you describe your speaking style?

My speaking style is warm, inviting, person-centered, dynamic. I want each person in the room to feel like I’m speaking directly to her or him. And to pull that off, I make sure my heart for helping and my fire for transformational experiences is aligned.

I mix my mellow style of speaking with engaging storytelling that draws the audience into the message and leads them down a path toward inspired action.

Why should we choose you as a speaker?

Choosing me to speak at your event is an important decision. That decision is not about me. It’s about you and your organization, school, church, event, group, or audience.

If you are in need of a dynamic speaker that can mentally empower your audience, then my expertise in delivering these outcomes may be a perfect fit for your event.

I’m not only speaking from an educational perspective. I’m also equipping audiences from personal and professional  experiences where the strategies I teach have consistently been effective.

Do you speak virtually and in-person?

Virtual and in-person speaking opportunities are available. If you are requesting an in-person keynote, breakout session, presentation, or workshop, any current COVID-19 safety protocols must be followed in order to keep the speaker and audience members safe.

What technology are you familiar with for virtual events?

For my own workshops and events I use Zoom. As a guest speaker I have used Microsoft Teams and Stream Yard. 

If your organization uses another platform, I am open to exploring how to effectively access and maximize that platform as well. 

Do you only speak at events for women?

No, I speak for a variety of audiences. My speaking experience has allowed me the opportunity to speak in front of diverse audiences that include women, men, and students.

To learn more about my speaking focused on professional development for organizations, visit www.aliciacaldwell.org.

What can I expect from you as a speaker?
  • To show up on time and end on time.
  • To support your organization’s vision for the speaking outcomes.
  • To present on the topics that I’m an expert in and offer only what I can successfully deliver.
  • To be honest and up front about fees and deliverables.
  • To show up ready and willing to provide your audience with a mentally inspiring experience.
  • To be present and prepared
  • To tailor each speaking engagement to your organizational needs and requests. 
What are your favorite topics to present on?

My most requested topics are self-care, stress resilience, and overcoming adversity. I speak on these topics often and never get tired of sharing and empowering audiences in these areas.

In general, I love speaking about topics that build the mental confidence of individuals and groups and are relevant to current trends and identified challenges.