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Speaker | Mental Fitness Coach | Licensed Professional Counselor

Delivering powerful speaking experiences that educate, equip, and empower your audience to lead and succeed in life, career, and relationships.

At A Glance

    • Alicia Caldwell, M.S., LPC, NCC is changing the way audiences think about life, love, career, relationships, and mental health.
    • She offers a variety of diverse and rich conversations about the connection between mental fitness and life empowerment.
    • She helps organizations by creating conversational experiences that reach and teach their employees and audiences about becoming better stewards of their mental and emotional health.
    • Her speaking superpower is connecting with people and curating a growth-focused interaction that connects with the heart and ignites the mind.
    • She has provided over 500+ presentations to thousands of professionals through her 10+ years of working with active duty service members and their families. 
    • She has taken her professional counseling experience and decade of speaking for military populations, and developed premium workshops, trainings, presentations, and talks to inspire leaders to lead and succeed by protecting their mental health.
    • Through proven mental fitness strategies and processes, audiences are able to visualize, strategize, and materialize tangible growth strategies.
    • Alicia believes that the true value of a speaker comes from the impact on the stage and the results generated by the audience well after the presentation has ended.
    • She works directly with each organizer before their event to identify the most pressing needs and desired outcomes, and tailors the discussion or workshop to meet the expectations of the organizer and audience. 
    • For 17 years as a licensed professional counselor, Alicia has empowered her clients to heal, grow, and build the life they desire.
    • If you are ready to offer your organization or community a power packed growth experience, book Alicia to speak.

Customized topics include:

  • Be your best despite the stress

    Effective stress management techniques for leaders and high-achievers.

  • Coping with change and uncertainty

    Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Learn how to cope and grow through the changes.

  • Embrace your work-life flow

    How to ditch the balancing act and embrace a realistic work-life flow.

  • How to keep your relation-ship afloat

    Build and maintain a relation-ship that is steady and sturdy by learning and implementing principles of healthy relationships

  • Self-care for the busy professional

    Discussions that empower audiences to realistically embed self care into the fabric of their busy lifestyles.

Words of Praise

Thank you Alicia for helping me to take a closer look at the stressors and the effects that they can have on our Mind, Body and Soul (if we allow them too). Thank you for helping me seek to be more intentional with the self care of my body. The tools given will definitely be a part of my daily journey to becoming the “Best Me” that I can be for myself, my family and those I meet. Thank you!

Juwarn M

Childcare Director

I really enjoyed my session!! I felt like Alicia truly clarified my issues in a way that I hadn't even thought of. Alicia was easy to talk to and showed me how to personally figure out the importance of de-stressing in my life and how to let go of the anxiety by recharging. I felt relieved and like I had a plan for being less stressed and being happier. Alicia's coaching is so great and spot on for understanding professional women and what we deal with on a regular basis! She's so professional and is excellent at what she does, so worth the session!!

Leah C


I was impressed with Ms. Caldwell’s methodical approach, careful preparation and poise in front of her audience. Ms. Caldwell made a profound impact on her audience. She captured their attention immediately. The attendees were engaged throughout her presentation. Overall, I would enthusiastically recommend Ms. Caldwell for any and all public speaking events and opportunities.

Lillie W


Alicia Caldwell provided a presentation to our students that provided them options in empowering themselves not only in their college life but in life after college. Both her presentation and content spoke encouraging words to the students. It engaged the students to think about their own power within and how they could pull themselves out of any self-doubt. I would recommend Alicia Caldwell to anyone who would like to receive empowering words on how to tap into your own resilience in life’s journey.

Kyra G.

College of St. Mary

We chose Alicia Caldwell as a speaker, because she has a unique background as an experienced counselor and VERY familiar with the ‘achiever mindset’. Her wisdom navigating the borderline between mental health and mental fitness is critical to the modern woman who seeks to get past survive and into THRIVE. Alicia had so many sound bites of powerful takeaways, but her mentioning how to align and pair your goals and time management were particularly insightful to me.

April Henry

The Voice Makeover Coach

Alicia is by far the best counselor I have ever had the pleasure of talking to and working with. Personally, Alicia is such a pleasure to talk to and a wonderful listener, she makes the conversation so easy and makes you feel comfortable sharing whatever is on your mind. She simply helps you put things in perspective, helping untangle the mind mess that you may be experiencing AND did I mention she is a pleasure to talk to.... I would recommend Alicia to anyone!" 

MSgt Marlene Locks, USSF


Frequently Asked Speaker Questions

  • Depending on the event size, format, and organizer's request, speaker experiences can be one-way lecture style or interactive. 
  • For virtual events, the camera will be on for maximized engagement with the audience.
  • When appropriate or requested, planned interactions may include an icebreaker, group discussion, audience poll, handouts,  interactive activities, chat or live Q&A, and in the moment opportunities to practice skills are provided.
  • Relevant slides for visual impact.
  • Reading the room is my specialty. If I notice that audience attention is dipping, I have alternative means to recapture their interest. This often includes a pause for clarification, an impactful story, an experiential activity, or break if appropriate.

I have mastered my speaking skills through a decade of working with military populations. I was tasked to present, speak, and brief on a variety of topics that included mental and stress resilience, communication skills, healthy relationships, relaxation strategies, parenting, grief, and conflict resolution.

I have translated that ten years of experience and my personal journey of building mental fitness, into content and speaking experiences that educate, equip, and empower audiences.

The answer to this question depends on the event and the needs of the organizer. 

My standard protocol is to meet with the organizer to determine the allotted time to speak, topic of choice, method of delivery, and desired outcomes. By doing this, an ideal timeframe for speaking can be determined.

To book me to speak, please click the "Speaker Request Form" button above or click the "Contact" tab on the menu. Fill out the speaking form and I will contact you to discuss a speaking partnership.

You can also email me directly at info@livelikeher.com with your request or additional questions.

My speaking style is warm, intentional, respectful, collaborative, encouraging, and motivational.

My energy is inviting and relaxing. I mix my mellow style of speaking with inspirational energy to affirm the importance of not only listening, but being inspired to take action.

Choosing me to speak at your event is an important decision. That decision is not about me. It's about you and your organization, church, event, group, or audience.

If you are in need of a dynamic speaker that can empower your audience in mind, body, spirit, and relationships, then my expertise in delivering these outcomes may be a perfect fit for your event.

I have empowered others in these areas AND I am a living testimony that it can be done.

I'm not only speaking from an educational and professional worldview, I'm equipping audiences from a personal lived experience and proof that the strategies I teach work.

Virtual and in-person speaking opportunities are available.

If you are requesting an in-person keynote, breakout session, presentation, or workshop, all current COVID-19 safety protocols must be followed in order to keep the speaker and audience members safe.

For my own workshops and events I use Zoom. As a guest speaker I have used Microsoft Teams and Stream Yard. 

If your organization uses another platform, I am open to exploring how to effectively access and maximize that platform as well. 

My speaking experience has allowed me the opportunity to speak in front of diverse audiences that include men and women.

The mission of Live Like HER is to empower women leaders, but as a speaker, I serve audiences that include women and men and educate both in the areas of my expertise when invited.

  • To show up on time and end on time.
  • To support your organization's vision for the speaking outcomes.
  • To present on the topics that I'm an expert in and offer only what I can successfully deliver.
  • To be honest and up front about fees and deliverables.
  • To show up ready and willing to provide your audience with a mentally inspiring experience.
  • To be present and prepared
  • To tailor each speaking engagement to your organizational needs and requests. 

My favorite topics are self-care and stress resilience. I speak on these topics often and never get tired of sharing and empowering audiences in these areas.

In general, I love speaking about topics that enhance mental fitness. Give me an opportunity to empower people to grow in this area, and I'm ready.