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Sisterhood and Self-Care Series


I believe that women are the key to the change I want to see in the world. My mission is to help the current and next generation of women leaders to maximize their impact by optimizing their mental fitness.

Mental Well-Being Is The New Currency

The secret to success in life, career, and relationships has nothing to do with gaining more things. It has to do with protecting and optimizing your mental well-being. Because without mental health, our impact and life satisfaction are diminished. 

Through quarterly Live Like HER workshops, Alicia nurtures the mental fitness of women and positions them to thrive in mind, body, spirit and relationships.

Alicia has spent over 18 years expanding her expertise as a mental health professional. During her workshops she condenses her years of expertise into digestible and actionable steps to get women from their NOW to NEXT.

Each workshop experience will help women identify their challenges, create a plan for personalized changes, and take inspired action toward becoming HER (Healthy-Empowered-Resilient)

The ultimate goal is for women to feel supported and empowered in their desire to lower stress, boost mental endurance, and embrace the power of self-care.

Registration for live workshops is offered quarterly OR organizations can request Alicia to present by clicking the button below.



We are driving our minds, emotions, and bodies hundreds of miles each day and forgetting to pull over to refuel. It’s no wonder that many are overwhelmed, stressed, and breaking under the pressure. Not only that, but the challenges we are facing economically, politically, and socially have us on edge.

It’s understandable that joy is low and worry is high.

The good news is you don’t have to stay in that depleted and uncertain state. You don’t have to continue to live on empty.

Alicia believes that we are the authors and editors of our lives, and she wants to give women real tools to not only survive, but to thrive, even if external factors are slow to change.


This Experience Is For You IF:

You Know

That it's time to identify and destroy the habits that have been holding you back.

You Are Prepared

To learn and leverage the four pillars of radical self-care for you mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

You Have Decided

That this is the year that you will make tangible investments into your well-being.

You Realize

That when you are better, every area of your life reaps the benefits.

You Want

Lessons on mental empowerment from an expert who has helped hundreds of clients transform.

You Are

At a good baseline of mental health and want tools to enhance your mental fitness.

Register for the "Sisterhood Self-Care Series"

Workshop 1: Self-Care 101

This 90-minute live workshop experience will cover/include:

  • What is self-care and why is it important?
  • Sources of stress and barriers to self-care.
  • Ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routines.
  • Self-care planning worksheets.
  • Participant Q&A

Workshop 2: The Fabulous Four Self-Care Method

This 90-minute live workshop experience will cover/include:

  • Introduction to the four domains of self-care (mind, body, spirit, relationships)
  • Explore self-care strategies for each domain.
  • How to use the Fabulous Four Method to improve your self-care practices.
  • Fabulous Four Self-Care strategy worksheets.
  • Participant Q&A.

Workshop 3: Women Leaders: How to Lead in Self-Care

This 90-minute live workshop experience will cover/include:

  • The unique challenges, stressors, and barriers to self-care that women leaders face.
  • Strategies for overcoming self-care roadblocks.
  • Effective self-care tools when life is chaotic.
  • Self-care planning guide and resource list.
  • Participant Q&A

Workshop 4: Race-Related Stress & Radical Self-Care

This 90-minute live workshop experience will cover/include:

  • The negative impact of racism on stress and mental health.
  • Sources of race-related stress.
  • Ways to incorporate radical self-care into your daily routines.
  • Using rest as a form of resistance.
  • Radical Self-Care worksheet planner.
  • Participant Q&A

NOTE: Live Like HER® has a strict NO REFUND policy. Due to limited seats available in these intimate trainings, your seat cannot be easily replaced. It is, however, transferrable. If you purchase a workshop seat and want to transfer the purchase to another party, e-mail us with all parties involved at within 72 hours of the workshop start time, and we can update the name and email address on the registration. Other than that, this investment is non-refundable.

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